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    As a pioneer of manufacture of large photomask with high precision, FINEX is guiding the demand of the market.

    At present, for meeting the requirements of multiplying usages of the market, product with larger size and higher precision, and product performance and cost must also be put under consideration; FINEX will pursue the higher quality and reliability of the product continuously, and make omni-orientation consideration for the safety and environment.?

    For responding to the demands of the market, FINEX will provide different usages of photomask to our customers for the reasons of “longer and safer.”

    Content ?

    1.Reminder for transportation and delivering
    2.Reminder when opening the package
    3.Reminder when taking out the product
    4.Reminder for cleaning
    5.Reminder for using the product
    6.Reminder for safeguarding
    7. Reminder for Pellicle products
    Physical Property Form