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    When the pellicle on photomasks are damaged because of customers’ improper usage, FINEX can provide services of removing the damaged pellicle and replacing a new one.

    Delivery time

    1~2 days (depends on the size / not including transportation time )

    ? Adjustment can be made according to customers’ requirements.



    What is pellicle?

    Because the extraneous material on the projection exposure machine will make patterning fail, pellicle is used as a dust protective film which can protect the photomask.

    • Because the distance between Pattern surface of mask and lens and the distance between Pellicle membrane surface and the lens are different, images caused by extraneous material on pellicle will become blurred and not rendered on the substrate.
    • Therefore, if the extraneous material on Pellicle is not particularly large, then it can be ignored.