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    FINEX Co., Ltd. (the Company) recognizes the importance of managing the risk of information leakage, and makes every effort to protect its information assets in accordance with the policies outlined below.

    In order to maintain and strengthen relationships with customers and improve social standing and technological competitiveness, the Company strives to protect its information assets and establish a solid information security management system.

    A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) has been appointed by the president in order to maintain an accurate understanding of the status of information security and to manage information assets.

    The Company has set forth clear policies concerning the handling of its information assets within its in-house regulations developed in accordance with its Information Security Policy, and complies with the same.

    The Chief Information Security Officer organizes training concerning information security for employees in order to maintain and improve their awareness of information security.

    The Company performs internal audits in accordance with its Internal Audit Regulations, in order to ensure that its Information Security Policies and entailed in-house regulations are enforced properly.

    While complying with applicable laws and regulations concerning information security, the Company will make ongoing efforts to improve and upgrade the measures taken to protect personal assets, in accordance with changes in lines of business and operating environments.