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    FINEX TECHNOLOGY COMPANY LIMITED (or “FINEX” for short) is the Taiwan branch of SK-Electronics (“SK-E” for short), located in Japan, the leading large photomasks provider for the global market.

    FINEX, located in Tainan Science-Based Industrial Park, is one of the main suppliers of large photomasks in Taiwan. FINEX, established in May 2002, has been providing the manufacture and sale service of photomasks of thin-film transistor (TFT) and Color Filters (CF), of which the products have been certified and used by world-renowned opto-electronic companies and owned rich performance.

    In order to promote the competitiveness in the global market for customers, FINEX keeps developing its technology and providing our customers with custom-made photomask design service with the support of SK-E, the parent company.

    Look into the future, FINEX will dedicate itself to promoting process technology and making excellent quality and rapid corresponding capacity as the core competitive advantages. To meet customers’ need, FINEX will provide completely omni-orientation solutions and high value-added service, thus becoming the best long-term partner for our customers.   

    Company Data 
    Company Name:
    FINEX Co., LTD
    Date of Establishment:
    May, 2002
    Company Address: No.45, Sec.2, Huandung Road., Shanhua Dist., Tainan City,
    Tainan Science-Based Industrial Park, Taiwan 74144, R.O.C.
    (Head Office & Factory)
    Business Item:
    Manufacture and Sale of Flat Panel Display Photomasks
    Chairman: Kensaku Hirai
    Takahiro Nagao